Branding Explained

Arataki means to lead or guide and Arataki School has had an important part in developing leaders within the Arataki community for over 50 years.

In our place we are all leaders and we believe that every child that walks through our door is the leader in their own educational journey.

In 2014/15 Arataki School underwent major rebranding. We worked with our community to develop our Vision, Mission and Graduate Profile.

Our Vision:

 Growing hearts and minds

 Whakatipuhia ngā manawa me ngā hinengaro

At Arataki School we acknowledge each learner as a whole.

While the heart and mind can operate individually, when they are nourished together real learning and change occurs. We want our learners follow their hearts but ensure that have used their mind to make the best decisions and choices.

Our Mission Statement:

 Create a culture where we can lead and succeed at anything we set our hearts and minds to.

To ensure that we equip our learners to follow their hearts thoughtfully we must have a culture and climate of belief in our learners and their potential that inherent and embedded.

We actively promote ‘abundance’ thinking, that our learners come to our school with an abundance of knowledge, skills and/or potential and it’s our job to unlock this to help our learners have success at Arataki School and beyond.

Graduate Profile:

At Arataki School we have a clear picture of the attributes that we believe make a successful learner and citizen. We want all out leaners to work on these attributes while they are here and then take these away when they move on.

Our Graduate Profile consists of the following 8 attributes.

An Arataki School kid will

  • Be able to communicate effectively
  • Be able to set and achieve my own goals
  • Be curious and creative
  • Be confident, courageous and be resilient
  • Be able to stand comfortably in Māori and Pakeha worlds
  • Know how to use various tools for learning
  • Care for Papatuanuku
  • Live our school values

School Values

The values of our school, which are embedded in our Graduate Profile are part of who we are. The values have been in place for a number of years and these formed the foundation to build our Vision, Mission and Graduate Profile.

Our school values are

  • pride/whakahii
  • respect/whakaute
  • responsible learner/kawenga
  • caring/manaaki

Arataki School Logo

Circle: Symbolises that the learning journey is always ongoing.

Blue: Blue is the chosen colour of the school.

Capital A: The connotations associated with the capital A – first letter of the alphabet – its leading the way

We are always aiming for an A (the academic association of A = excellence) High expectations

The curved top of the A is reference to our local maunga

Māori Design: Arataki School is committed to providing our learners with a sense of identity.

 We celebrate the fact that Arataki School has a rich history in providing opportunities for our tamariki to connect with, learn about and learn within Te Ao Māori.


Kaiarataki is collective name for the 4 characters that are part of our branding. Kaiarataki translates to Little Leaders.

The four colours whero, kowhai, kakariki, kikorangi represent our 4 houses.

Our Kaiarataki live and breathe our vision, mission, values and graduate profile and we use to set the example for the students/deliver messages about our expectations.

When our students demonstrate our values or graduate profile we refer to them as being Kaiarataki.

We use Kaiarataki as a title for the characters or to describe students that demonstrate our values and Graduate Profile.