Digital Citizens

At Arataki School we are proud to acknowledge that over 75% of our students are part of 1:1 iPad classrooms, giving them access and knowledge of the tools used in this ever increasing digital society. Arataki School prides itself in knowing that we give our students the opportunities and experiences that will allow them to function in today’s digital world as a responsible citizen.

The Fundamentals
Students are first exposed to devices when they start Arataki School, here they learn all about safe use and handling. Moving onto understanding how to navigate through common apps and create amazing presentations, which allows them to share their work with friends and whanau.

As students progress through school they become more collaborative with their thinking, this is when we expose them to a variety of different digital tools that encourage collaboration with peers, teachers and whanau. Students also begin communicating with a variety of professionals and create rich projects together.

Digital Safety
Safety is at the forefront of our digital programmes at school. We firmly believe that students who are educated in the safe and responsible use of digital devices become responsible digital citizens. Digital Citizenship is taught at the beginning of each term, and revisited at various times throughout the year to keep up with all the latest digital trends.

If you have any questions about our digital learning at Arataki School then feel free to contact the office, who can direct you to the correct person.